RotoLoad™Automatic Powder Weighing & Dispensing System

RotoLoad Powder Dispensing System

The RotoLoad will make the machine operators' job easier and can even reduce the number of employees required at the load stations. The RotoLoad was developed to provide a method for rotational molders to improve the efficiency of the overall molding process by quickly, accurately and safely weighing and delivering the powder to the molds.

The RotoLoad is an automatic, PC-based, easy-to-operate system that can significantly cut labor and material costs by:

  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Maintaining Consistency
  • Reducing Spillage & Waste
  • Providing Material Control & Traceability
  • Freeing Up Valuable Floor Space
  • Reducing Tow-Motor Traffic
  • Increasing Cleanliness
  • Decreasing Injuries

Our Integral or Central Configuration and Gravity or Pressure Delivery Methods are designed to accommodate virtually any rotomolding machine or factory layout.

Two Configurations of RotoLoad:

  • Integral Configuration
    Features our stand-alone, self-contained hopper complete with integral vacuum loader and filter system. Must be positioned in relatively close proximity to the powder source (typically a gaylord or day bin).
  • Central Configuration
    Utilizes a floor-mounted vacuum-pump and filter that is capable of operating up to six (6) separate RotoLoad systems and provides enough power to feed each unit from a much greater distance such as your powder room or silo.

Two Methods to deliver the powder from RotoLoad:

  • Gravity Method
    RotoLoad is mounted above the target (mold, bucket, etc) and the powder is delivered via gravity.
  • Pressure Method
    RotoLoad is mounted below the target (mold, bucket, etc) and the powder is conveyed via air pressure.

RotoLoad Systems are currently in the field providing numerous money-saving and labor-reducing tasks:

  • Loading Powder Directly Into Molds Mounted On Roto Machines
  • Automatically Loading And Transporting Buckets
  • Accurately Charging High-Intensity Mixers

Consistent accuracies of +/-.05% are achievable with our unique pulse algorithm. The savings to molders is significant at many levels.

Unique RotoLoad Options May Include:

Wireless Barcode or RFID Scanning

Multiple Recipe Storage

“Favorites” Access

Material Tracking & Usage Reporting

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