Paladin EZ Logger - The Science Of Rotational Molding

Paladin EZ Logger - The Science Of Rotational Molding

The Paladin EZ Logger In-Mold Air-Temperature Monitoring System is the simplest and most efficient temperature profiling instrument available to rotational molders. This affordable data logging device will satisfy your need to know what is happening inside the mold, as it is happening. The EZ Logger single-channel transmitter provides continuous real-time, in-mold temperature measurement throughout the heating and cooling cycles.

Exciting Paladin EZ Logger Features

  • Small, Compact Arrangement
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Mount To Molds or Spiders
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Easy Software
  • Easily Affordable

The Paladin EZ Logger Will Determine

  • Optimum oven residence time based on actual oven temperature
  • Internal Air Temperature (IAT) & Heating Rate
  • When material begins to stick to the mold
  • When material is built up on the mold
  • Peak Internal Air Temperature (PIAT)
  • Inner Air Cooling Rate
  • When molded material crystallizes during cooling
  • Best Inner Air Temperature to De-Mold product

Importance Of This Information

  • Optimize your process
  • Maintain product quality
  • Maximize efficiency of operators and machinery

Operation - Continuously transmits: Process temperature, Transmitter Temperature, RF Signal Strength & Battery Level.

Temperature data is received and displayed on a customer-supplied computer screen for immediate study and can be stored for future analysis.

Additional Uses

  • Create baseline data for external mold-temperature measuring devices
  • Measure Oven-Residence Temperature where it counts- in the area where the molds rotate
  • Compare actual oven temperatures between machines
  • Keep oven calibrated to maximize oven efficiency

Includes - stainless steel box with high-temperature insulation, 4 rotomolded, ambient temperature heat sinks, 3 Type-K thermocouple sensors, wireless transmitter with antenna, receiver device with high-gain antenna, I/O cable, hand tools, carrying/storage/protector case. Supplied with User Manual and TC-Central DVD for Windows.

Operation - transmits continuously at a user-designated rate: Process Temperature (°F or °C), Ambient (Transmitter) Temperature (°F or °C). This information is received and displayed through the TC-Central program on a customer-supplied computer screen for immediate study and can be stored for future analysis. RF Signal Strength & Battery Level are displayed as well.

Included Software transforms your PC into a strip chart recorder or data logger so readings can be displayed and saved. Data may then be printed or exported to a spreadsheet file for further study.

The Paladin EZ Logger is compact and easily attached to spiders or mold frames.

The included Protector Case provides protection from water, dust, sand and impact for this vital equipment. The Paladin EZ Logger components are custom fitted in the foam insert.

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