PSI Brand Graphics

PSI Brand Graphics

The PSI Brand INMOULD graphics are produced with the finest pigments for long life, can be applied to molds of virtually any temperature (from cool to very hot), are opaque, and do not require spray adhesive or a burnishing pad.

PSI Brand POSTMOULD graphics are simple to apply and give you the flexibility of decorating your product immediately after it is removed from the mold or hours, days or even months later! Also, the colors and definition are extremely bright and sharp.

If you require more samples, please let us know. Many molders in the US, Canada and globally are turning to PSI Brand because of the unique benefits:

  • self- adhesive, therefore zero spray-adhesive required
  • applicable to cold or hot molds
  • no pigment loss onto mold (ghosting issues)
  • flexible pigments for easier handling
  • sharper detail and more opaque finish
  • no smudging or cracking
  • unlimited shelf life
  • no minimum quantities
  • virtually unlimited design capabilities

Some points you will be interested to know about our graphics:

  • Our INMOULD graphics can be applied to virtually ANY temperature of mold, from cold to very hot, which is a great time-saving feature since preheating or excessive cooling of the molds is not necessary.
  • PSI Brand graphics are opaque and allow no bleed-through even with white letters on a black part.
  • The pigments used are of the highest quality and two-layers of clearcoat provide superior chemical resistance.
  • PSI Brand INMOULD graphics are self adhesive – no spray-on glue is required!
  • The graphics are rugged, cannot chip, flake or smudge and require no special handling. This is why they boast an unlimited shelf life!
  • Graphics can be provided using the 4-color process (even photographs can be reproduced) as well as sequential serial numbers and barcodes.

And finally, to sum up why our graphics are so unique and superior, general response from our customers indicate that our graphics are just so much easier to apply (being self adhesive), are brighter and sharper in definition, not only enhancing the appearance of the part but resulting in time saved and less rejected parts. This is why we are persistently encouraging potential users to take advantage of our free sample offer so you may conduct your own trials and experience all of the available benefits.

A recent customer changed to our system simply because he could fit another 3 cycles in each day!

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