AutoMatic Mold Jacks

AutoMatic Mold Jacks

AutoMatic Mold Jacks automatically protect mold parting lines and prevent premature failures of the rotomolding machines’ arms due to incalculable stresses from overhead crane use.

During the rotational molding process the mold is serviced after the cooling cycle. At the Servicing Station the mold bolts or clamps are removed and a hoist is attached to lifting points of the mold or spider. Several components resist the mold from opening:

  • The weight of the mold - mold weights can range from a few pounds to several hundreds of pounds depending on the size of the part being molded.
  • Flash buildup on the parting lines of the mold - flash can act as an adhesive, bonding two halves of the mold together.
  • Undercuts in the design of the part being molded - rotomolding is capable of minor undercuts in design that can resist mold opening.
  • Vacuum created by the shape of the part being molded - parts that are very critical in dimensional stability may not release from the mold until demolding occurs.
  • Surfaces of the molded part adhering to the surfaces of the interior mold walls - mold release issues.
  • Size of the part - larger parts have more surface area requiring more force to open the mold.

The Automatic Mold Jacks have many advantages:

  • Equally effective with individual molds or spiders, Automatic Mold Jacks ensure that molds are opened uniformly to minimize mold parting line damage.
  • Automatic Mold Jacks prevent uneven pressure or binding caused by the use of standard pry points and pry bars. A single pry bar causes the spider or molds to cock and can cause parting lines that are opposite the pry bar to be forced together causing damage.(Imagine opening a paint can. Prying on one side causes the other side to close). With the Automatic Mold Jacks, four points are uniformly applying equal pressure at the same rate and at the same time.
  • Automatic Mold Jacks prevent the improper use of a pry bar that can literally warp parting lines and mold frames - resulting in blow holes or heavy flash on the molded part.
  • Automatic Mold Jacks can prevent injuries and reduce fatigue caused by personnel using pry bars.
  • The Automatic Mold Jacks reduce cycle times and improve productivity.
  • The creative design ensures that the Automatic Mold Jacks are used on every cycle - not relying on the machine operators to decide when to use them or not.
  • Automatic Mold Jacks prevent undue stress on the molding machine's arm, turret or cart and the hoist and chains - dramatically extending the life of all of these components.

The Automatic Mold Jacks level the mold before closing, ensuring that the mold is closed evenly, further preventing costly parting line damage and extending the life of the molds.

More details and videos of an actual test case available here.

For further information please contact your mold supplier or contact us.

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