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Why should I pulverize my material in-house?
  1. The main reason is to take advantage of the opportunity to save up to $0.21 per pound in raw material costs.
  2. You can practice "Just In Time" material distribution. Less inventory to carry means less taxes.
  3. Better control over quality and efficiency. 35-mesh is not always the best grind for all applications.
  4. You may even be able to reduce cycle times by using warmer material.
Do the savings realized by purchasing pellets and grinding them in house substantially outweigh the expense to purchase, install and operate a pulverizer?

First we need to pin down the cost difference between purchasing pellets and purchasing pre-ground material. There are many variables including raw material costs, grinding expenses, shipping, location, quantity purchased, and relationships. So determining costs is not so easy.

It's common knowledge that purchasing pellets is less expensive than purchasing material pre-ground to 35-mesh. The savings is sometimes hard to determine because of the natural variations and fluctuations of the base price of the resin, as well as the quantity purchased. We've studied resin pricing and found that, on average, the price difference between pellets and powder is approximately 6-7 cents per pound.

I don't have a very big company. Don't you need to have higher volumes to see the savings?

You don't need to be a very large rotomolder to benefit from In-House Pulverizing. The graph below shows raw material costs based upon standard purchasing quantities. The graph below uses Bulk-Truck Powder as a baseline (0). Note that Box Powder is about 7-cents higher than Bulk-Truck Powder (our baseline), while Railcar Pellets are approximately 14-cents less. Of course, there are costs associated with pulverizing in-house.

A close look at the graph shows that the difference between the price of Box Powder and Railcar Pellets is about 21-cents per pound! Certainly worth looking into the possibility of Pulverizing In-House.

How much does it cost to pulverize in-house?

New Direct Drive mills designed and built by Powder King offer economical grinding that continuously monitors the process to help assure consistency. These pulverizers feature sophisticated, yet simple, ADAPTIVE controls that self adjust for changes in the process or ambient conditions to make sure that the grind is even and accurate 24-hours per day, 7 days a week.

We have a very good idea of what it costs to pulverize natural LLDPE considering electricity rates, machine maintenance, labor, etc. We said initially that POWDER costs approximately 6-7 cents per pound more than PELLETS. This difference in cost is comprised of labor, additional freight, electricity, machine maintenance, and SOMEONE ELSE'S PROFIT.

We can provide estimated operational costs for each model upon request.

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